October 2004, V3#10: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

What are Library Oversewn Hardbound Books?

Sections of the book are placed into the machine at a 45 degree angle and are then clamped. Vertical punches (spaced 1 inch apart) punch holes through the pages of each section. Threaded needles pass through the punched holes, enter through the spine, and exit the section approximately 3/16 inch in from the back edge of the page. Horizontal shuttle needles then pass through each of the separately formed thread loops and complete the stitch. The process is repeated to form successive lock stitches up the spine of the book.   When all pages have been stitched, the raw book is then glued and reinforced with woven fabric.

This section is drawn from information online at http://gregathcompany.com/index.html & http://gregathcompany.com/hb/index.html 

September 2004, V3#9: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

More about end sheets: If a hardbound book is produced, consider printed or matching end sheets (blue cover, blue end sheets). A low cost alternative to pre-printed end sheets would be fancy book plates of “free form one of a kind end papers” made with an inked rubber stamp.

September 2004, V3#9: Define Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

End Sheet(s): The element of a hardbound book that consists of the “inside” of the covers and the first and last sheet of paper in the book.  The end sheets are adhered to the inside of the binding boards and attach to the book via a double hinge that includes a sheet of paper.  Ours are never lighter weight than 80#.