June 2009, V8#6: Marketing Friday, May 29 2009 

Digital books and tear sheets are a greener alternative to high quality published books, as the industry, make ready, waste standard is 10%. Though traditional tear sheets may be available with offset books, free of charge.

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It’s not easy being green… Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 

There is a lot to be said for “being green”. Gregath Publishing is pleased to announce that we have ongoing efforts in materials and energy economy. Some which were instigated when we opened in 1970. A printer may not seem like a good match as a business interested in saving the planet. However, we have always been interested in waste management and proactive economy. Responsible production enriches all our lives and boosts the quality of life we enjoy today. Join us in doing things to help our environment.


  • Use papers with manufacturer recycled content.

  • Offer e-books as an option to printed publication.

  • Accept manuscripts and other original materials digitally.

  • Do quite a bit of customer communication electronically.

  • Maintain a website of over 2,500 pages of information to refer customers to, rather than sending everyone individual literature. Traditionally printed material is still available upon request.

  • We offer some proofing services digitally.

  • Our digital print system eliminates the step of plate making, thus deleting the consumables produced in offset printing.

  • Pre-consumer recycling paper printed on one side – it is used in our FAX, as transitory print outs (such as edit drafts), scratch paper, etc.

  • None of our staff use vehicles during lunch breaks.

  • Many of our staff walk or bicycle to work.

  • Staff doesn’t use disposable coffee or drink cups.

  • Battery chargers are promptly unplugged when charging is complete.

  • Our front offices, as well as production facilities have always used fluorescent lighting responsibly – we are slowly making the switch to compact fluorescent.

  • Shredder output (uncoated) is offered to staff for garden mulch.

  • Participate in “waste” paper recycling.

  • Our waste percentage in production is between 2-5%, rather than the industry standard of 10%.

  • Shop rags are cleaned and reused.

  • Spills are kept to a minimum – thus reducing cleaning chemical use.

  • Used colored slip sheets are padded and given to school children.

  • No where in our facilities are air freshening or scenting products used.

Items in green are things we do to primary recycle. These recycling efforts are 100% as there is no additional processing to prepare for the secondary use.

Early peak of the webpage www.gregathcompany.com/green.html to be published sometime this week.