January 2005, V4#1: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

Binding: A new standard soft binding possibility, especially with small quantities is the Fastback cloth tape method which is a bridge between tape and staple and perfect binding:  The block of the book is glued like it would be for a perfect binding with front and back covers attached.  Then to cover the glued edges and for further reinforcement a strip of cloth binding tape is used for the spine. 

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October 2004, V3#10: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

What are Library Oversewn Hardbound Books?

Sections of the book are placed into the machine at a 45 degree angle and are then clamped. Vertical punches (spaced 1 inch apart) punch holes through the pages of each section. Threaded needles pass through the punched holes, enter through the spine, and exit the section approximately 3/16 inch in from the back edge of the page. Horizontal shuttle needles then pass through each of the separately formed thread loops and complete the stitch. The process is repeated to form successive lock stitches up the spine of the book.   When all pages have been stitched, the raw book is then glued and reinforced with woven fabric.

This section is drawn from information online at http://gregathcompany.com/index.html & http://gregathcompany.com/hb/index.html 

November 2003, V2#11: Define Saturday, Jan 17 2009 

Hardbound (hard back, hard cover): Books that are have a binding material covered “board” affixed to the glued and/or sewn book block.  Several different methods can be used. 

We employ – Library Oversewn (see http://www.gregathcompany.com/lohb/index.html and covered with the binding material of your choice, over .98 binding boards.

Standard Buckram Hardbinding: see above – binding material is buckram with a free spine imprint and free single line front cover imprint – usually gold foil.

Deluxe/Executive Hardbinding: see above – binding material is usually Lexitone with free spine imprint including bars and free custom (no larger than 6×9″) front imprint – variety of inks & foils available.
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