May 2004, V3#5: Genealogy Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

Though you are probably already using US Gen Web Project (see previous tip), have you added your query/queries to the email lists that correspond geographically to your problem area(s)?  To get started, go to the county in question.  We suggest you then subscribe to their email list (see below for definition).  If you prefer not to, email the county coordinator with your query and request it be added to the email list.

November 2002: V1#3: Genealogy Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

Have you checked in adjoining counties and/or states (depending on where they were) for some record of lost ancestors?  In the past, it was common to go to the nearest (or in the case of mountains, rivers, etc.) place to record records, not necessarily the “correct” place.  In addition, what may be one county in this century, may not have been the same county in the time period you are looking in.