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Corners – Library: Each corner of the cover material is folded at a 45-degree angle that permanently affixes to the cover boards. All glued-off overhang shall be turned into the case. Meets library binding standard: ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78
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If a formal copyright is desired, visit the Library of Congress Copyright Office website, or write to the Register of Copyright, Library of Congress, 101 Independence AVE SE, Washington, D. C. 20599-6000, requesting a free copy of General Information of Copyright and the necessary application form, with instructions for completion.  They will send you up-to-date copyright information.  If the author doesn’t wish to do their own registration, Gregath would be happy to help. For a traditional mailed application, the full service charge is $60.00: includes filling out the form (mailed to you to sign), the actual registration fee, and USPS Priority mailing of the 2 required books to the Library of Congress (production of books not included in this service charge).

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