March 2009, V8#3: Design Monday, Mar 2 2009 

There is no “silver bullet” for proper publication design or format. However, there are some very basic rules to get you ready to go:

Basic design elements to consider

  • header

  • footer

  • page numbers

  • font style(s)

  • font size(s)

  • chapter/section treatments

  • general page layout

  • foot/end note treatment

  • index treatment and layout

  • title

  • reverse of title (verso)

  • binding

  • Electronic?

This section is drawn from

July 2008, V7#7: Genealogy Wednesday, Jan 7 2009 

If you haven’t looked into yet, take a look. They have lots of plans and are growing all the time. Some things you can see for free, others are subscription.