September 2015 Ezine – Marketing Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

When publishing with us, send your publication announcement to us – we’ll add it to our Facebook timeline once (free) any time you specify from receipt of order/payment to up to 60 days after your books ship to you.

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March, 2015 Magazine – Computers Wednesday, Mar 4 2015 

Can’t seem to find anything on Facebook? Assistance (5 tools you probably don’t know about) is just a click away:

October, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Computer Aid Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 

Consider getting more social networking for the same effort: Did you know some online services interconnect? For instance, you can set a Twitter account to automatically post on your Facebook wall. Many blogs will also post to Facebook or Twitter.

January 2013 E-Zine (V12#1): Genealogy Thursday, Jan 17 2013 

Some may feel this is logical, but our staff is surprised how many people don’t do this: Be sure that you have at least one online presence dedicated to your book. This can be a traditional traditional web site, dedicated blog, or social networking account (profile, page, group, etc.). If you have more than one static presence, it is good to interconnect them.

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May 2009, V8#5: Computer Tuesday, May 5 2009 

Do I need a Web Presence?

If you are an author or genealogist, the short answer is a shouted YES. Whether it be a Facebook or MySpace page, Twitter account, blog (Blogger, WordPress, etc.), a dedicated website with your own domain, or combinations of the above, being on the internet is becoming as standard as business cards, letterhead, and post office boxes for professional and hobbyists alike. You need to “get out there” to be found, just be careful how much you reveal. I always suggest using a post office box for an online address. If you want to talk to folks on the phone, but are worried about giving your permanent information out, buy a pay as you go phone. They are like disposable email addresses, if the account becomes a problem, discard it.