December 2003, V2#12: Marketing Thursday, Jan 22 2009 

Further online PR possibilities include working with your ISP to search newsgroups/usenet through your email program.  Once you find lists about your subject matter and review them, post information about your book.

June 2006, V5#6: Genealogy Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 

In the world of MP3 players and multi-media computers, consider looking into podcasts for further information. The Genealogy Guys do a weekly podcast (broadcast online that can be listened to at any time/on demand) that is a pleasure to listen to – as well as having great genealogy information. If you are an oral learner (you have to be told, rather than reading, or experimenting), podcasts are a blessing, and many can be accessed at no fee. Do you find you have the radio on most of the time “in the background”? Download a podcast – or several – and you’ll have the most effective “learning by osmosis” as you can get. Podcasts can be found online for a variety of subjects – even computers and software. This can also be a targeted value added service if played at a customer service related venue. The patrons of the Muskogee, Oklahoma Library (Genealogy Department) already enjoy this feature! Search podcasts out with your favorite search engine, or query your eList(s) for recommendations.

May 2004, V3#5: Computer Thursday, Dec 25 2008 

What is an email list?  It is a list of folks who share at least one common interest/theme.  They subscribe to the list.  Anyone on the list can ask or answer questions.  Though sharing many things with a bulletin board format, this is ran through your email.  When anyone sends email to the list, everyone gets a copy in their inbox.  Two places to start your email list search is on US Gen Web and