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Logical fact of “you get what you pay for” should be included as you form your publication plan. We’d all like library oversewn hard cover books of fine leather (gilt edging anyone), printed on a nice weight (how heavy depending on page count), high cotton content/acid free, fine paper (vellum, high opacity, bright white, etc.). However in the 21st century it’s rare to find anyone with the budget that will allow it.

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August 2009, V8#8: Define Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

Hard binding spotlight #1

Mt. Zion, GA: Deluxe bindingHardbound (hard back, hard cover): Books that are Library Oversewn and covered with the binding material of your choice, over .98 binding boards.  Click here for more information.

  • Standard Buckram Hardbinding: see above – binding material is buckram with a free spine imprint and free single line front cover imprint – usually gold foil. Click here for more information.

  • Full Color Illustrated:  see above – 4-color imprinted laminated paper – free cover layout. Click here for more information.

  • Deluxe/Executive Hardbinding: see above – binding material is usually Lexitone with free spine imprint including bars and free custom (no larger than 6×9″) front imprint – variety of inks & foils available. Click here for more information.

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Not all hard bindings are created equal. Know the standard options of the publisher:

Standard ALA Oversewn Hard Binding: High Quality, Low Price
Deluxe Hard Binding Information
Full Color Covers
Specialty Hard Binding: High Quality, Low Price

If the standard offerings don’ already do so, can they include elements that you are interested in? This should be a factor in choosing your publisher/binder.

September 2005, V4#9: Design Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Splitting binding types for economy: Final book publishing costs can be reduced by the types of bindings that are chosen.  While a full project of hardbound books (standard, deluxe, or color) may not be affordable, a publishing of softbound books are.  Depending on the project, it may be possible to hard bind a few of these special to accommodate special paid pre-orders, special gift and family books, collector editions, etc.  By printing the text blocks at the same time, offset orders even saves on printing, versus publishing a hand full of hardbound books separately.

July 2004, V3#7: Production Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

Always find out what you get for the “hardbinding”.  We have recently upgraded our “standard buckram” to standard that includes many of deluxe options.

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