What time is it!?!

Don’t forget to double check your computer clock around daylight savings time.  Many things about a computer system may cause you problems if your clock setting is very far off – say an hour.  If you’ve moved your computer, or had a massive electrical outage, you will need to manually adjust your clock as well.  Most newer systems automatically adjust for daylight savings time, but if your computer doesn’t, here’s how to fix it:

From the desktop, select (click or double click – depending on your set up) “my computer”, select “control panel”, select “date and time” – this should bring up the date/time window.  Click in the time box and change the time (you can also drag the clock hands).  While you have the window open, you may want to look around in the box (and tabs).  If your computer didn’t adjust at daylight savings time, there may be a simple check box you can click so it will adjust in the future.  Likewise, if you are in an area that doesn’t observe DST and your computer is switching on you, you can click the box to deselect this option.