A good rule of thumb to keep in mind during time you are in preparation process (unless you are informed by your printer/publisher it is incorrect) is “what you see, is what you get”. For the best results use a smooth white paper.  Expensive “top of the line” computer paper is not necessary, a good “typing” copy machine or all purpose paper is fine.  Avoid colored (cream, gray, etc.), aged colored and textured (pebbled, linen finish, etc.) as well as ultra thin (onionskin, etc.) papers. Make sure that the print is clear, consistent and as dark as possible throughout. In the end, you will be much happier if the typewriter or (non laser or DeskJet) printer used contains a carbon film ribbon, is in good mechanical working order and has clean unbroken strikers. More and more people are acquiring laser or bubble jet/DeskJet printers and these make a very nice camera ready manuscript. In good faith, we can not recommend manual typewriters, fabric ribbons, dot matrix printers, or low quality DeskJet/bubble jet printers for a good finished product. Electric typewriters, daisy wheel or ball printers and laser or bubble jet/DeskJet printers (on high quality settings) can be borrowed or rented in most areas.