November 2003, V2#11: Market Saturday, Jan 17 2009 

Press release tip – With so much information that can be included, adhere to the “mini-skirt rule” – keep it short (as possible) while not sacrificing content.

This section is drawn from our online marketing advice at


May 2003, V2#5: Marketing Sunday, Jan 11 2009 

Press release tip – Article should answer the 5 W’s: who, what, why, when, and where.

February 2004, V3#2: Genealogy Sunday, Jan 4 2009 

Cyndi Howells maintains an extensive list of many genealogy resources and aids at For those that haven’t worked much with this great site, it is a in-depth list of links, both free resources/items and for purchase/subscription.  There is very little actual original content/resources on Cyndi’s List itself, but it it a great road map.

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