Electronic Magazine – August, 2014, v13#8: Design & Production Monday, Aug 11 2014 

If possible, it’s always a good idea to have your publisher selected before finalizing your color hard cover files. Though all cover art will need to allow for the thickness of the book board, as it folds around it and attaches to the inside (under the end sheets), variances in many other things will change the exact size and placement of elements on the cover layout. Additionally, even if returning to a publisher, don’t assume the cover process hasn’t altered in some way over time. For our current hard cover file information, visit http://www.gregthcompany.com/binding/art/hardcolorfiles.html

Information on producing cover files now online Wednesday, Jan 14 2009 

Wishing to do your own color cover layout and/or graphic arts design? More specific information on constructing your color hard cover files has been added. Information adapted to soft cover files is also new.

Crowder full cover file