Crystal Neck Lanyards Now Available Saturday, Jul 21 2012 

Want a little razzle-dazzle on your neck lanyard? Trying to figure out a way to bling at work? We have a reasonably priced answer now in stock:

These “rhinestone” dazzlers are the 36cm neck lanyards and have two rows of crystals on a foam backing to allow less travel across the body during the day or event. These lanyards have a loop (cameras, phones, etc.) as well as a key ring and additional lobster clasp (great for quick release) to attach your items. Assorted colors available. Allow us to choose a color, or inquire about specific in stock color. Also great for event credentials! Deluxe lanyards can be ordered for a total of $13.00 each, with each additional one costing only $4.00: The shopping cart below lists them at $2.00, but will add $11.00 S&H. GDL-$2.00 Each Note volume discounts are available.

May 2005, V4#5: Marketing Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

At workshops, frequently we wear our surnames, be they as a list on our name tag, on our note taking material, or on our clothing.  Consider having a shirt made promoting your book(s) and wearing it to family, genealogy and research repositories and/or gatherings.