July 2004, V3#7: Production Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

Always find out what you get for the “hardbinding”.  We have recently upgraded our “standard buckram” to standard that includes many of deluxe options.

This section is drawn from information online at http://gregathcompany.com/hb/index.html

June 2004, V3#6: Production Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

In an effort to increase our economical services, for a limited time, what used to be our standard buckram hardbound price for books of 100+quantity has now become “standard” and the books will be rounded as well as carry spine bars at no additional cost.

January 2009, V8#1: Production Thursday, Jan 8 2009 

Because of the heavy duty finish, this binding in buckram cloth can be wiped down for clean up resulting from spills and dirt resulting from heavy handling.

This section is drawn from