August 2006, V5 #8: Define Friday, Mar 20 2009 


Inlay (back strip): A heavy but flexible paper strip used to stiffen the spine of a finished book.

Lining (super, mull, crash, and gauze): Material used to reinforce spines of library bound books.  This material is a part of the end paper system and provides the means for a firm connection between text block and cover, giving shape and firmness to the book.


April 2006, V5#4: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Text Block: The pages/leaves of a book after they have been bound together. A group of printed or written pages that may be or have been bound, excluding all paper to be added by the bookbinder such as the endpapers, etc.

Book Block: Endpapers, text block and all other materials before hard or soft binding.

January 2006, V5#1: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Binding Edge: Edge of text block that is attached by sewing or adhesive binding, etc.

Binding Margin (inner, gutter, or back margin): Margin where text block is attached: The distance between the binding edge of a printed page and the text area.

November 2004, V3#11: Production Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

If a CD is to be included with your book, work with your publisher for the best way to do so.  If producing a soft bound book, a special envelope page bound in the spine might be best for holding a CD.  With a large hardbound book one might choose to glue a CD sleeve onto the end sheet, or a spindle core – if neither are available as part of the end sheet.  Of course, a CD can also be included in a book purchase without attaching it to the book – it’s own sleeve/jewel case, etc. sent along with the cover letter for mail order and explained at point of purchase.

December 2003, V2#12: Production Thursday, Jan 22 2009 


If the book is saddle-stitched, the pages are loaded into a machine that collates, folds and staples the pages and cover into completed books.  For a do it yourself version, print your pages 2 up, collate them together with a card stock cover, fold in the middle and use a saddle back stapler to finish.

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