January 2015 Magazine – Genealogy Friday, Jan 9 2015 

Have you checked Google Books to see if there is any free material that can help with your research? Sure, they’d like to sell you a copy, but you might be surprised how much free text you might use is available.


Electronic Magazine – December 2014 v13#12: Define Thursday, Dec 11 2014 

Book Corners: see Corners.
Brightness: The brilliance or light-reflection characteristic of paper (not necessarily related to its color or whiteness).
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Spring Flowering Catalog sale through mid-June only! Monday, May 26 2014 

10% off list price for assorted titles – including some brand new research resources. Visit our online catalog for specifics. Hurry, as these title discounts are only good for paid orders through June 15, 2014.

April, 2014 Electronic Magazine – Production Tuesday, May 20 2014 

Some ideas for Electronic edition publications

  • Maintain a supporting blog, social network, and/or website.
  • Offer free updates.

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February, 2014 Electronic Magazine – Production Tuesday, May 20 2014 

Some ideas for Electronic edition publications

  • Produce an electronic edition exclusive: Make a cross reference area for specific family members with clickable links directly to all book content about that individual.

  • Family books – make a Google map available.

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Books by Charles F. Harris together in one place with new information Tuesday, Oct 22 2013 

New author page for Charles F. Harris, so you can shop all his books in one place. Not also, this page contains access to book indexes and other information previously not available at GCI online.

New POD program to help books get in print and stay there Thursday, Aug 29 2013 

New publishing program: Personal POD.
This new program joins long-standing Advertise and Sell and Royalty programs to better assist authors.

August, 2013 Electronic Magazine – Genealogy Wednesday, Aug 7 2013 

As a reader or researcher how many times have you heard, “The book has been written on that”, only to find there is no access to it? Undertaking an authorized reprint is a way to benefit many, including the original author(s). Today, that book that has already been written, may have only had a handful of books published and none of them in public collections. For volunteer groups, this is also a way to begin working with publications that may not be as difficult or time consuming as producing original work.

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FGS 2013 Irwin Author Signing Thursday, Aug 1 2013 

Join us in welcoming Dr. Lyndon N. Irwin, Ph.D. to booth #125 Friday, August 23 from 3:30-4:00 PM where he will be signing his books. We look forward to seeing many of you in Fort Wayne, Indiana this year.

Lyndon Irwin is an Agriculture Professor at Missouri State University. He is a member of the St. Louis World’s Fair Society and a popular speaker on World’s Fair topics. His writing about the Fair has been included in documentaries and public television programs. He is also the author of several literary works.

New free publication webpage Friday, Jul 5 2013 

In trying to make free, personal use, information easier to access, we’ve gathered up all the free publications Gregath offers onto one online directory. Most of these listings are available only online – in PDF format. The newest publication available is

Before The German Settlement of 1873: The Land and People That Became Cullman County (Alabama), by Gaylon D. Johnson, 1982

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