Electronic Magazine – November 2014 v13#11: Design Monday, Nov 3 2014 

Publishing a hard copy edition (unbound or in hard or soft cover) one-at-a-time (print on demand) presents some unique options most printed editions do not have. As you are printing a single book for a single customer, consider adding value to the book by including the following offers:

  1. Number each POD book you produce. Keep track of books in hard cover and soft cover, or total produced. Your first could be 1 in 2014, 1 Print on Demand, or some other way – the next ordered would be 2, etc.

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Electronic Magazine – October 2014 v13#10: Production Monday, Nov 3 2014 

Is your electronic book chocked full of color photos and graphics, audio, video, and more? Use the internet to support printed and bound editions: Provide links to color and additional content. This online content may also be used for promotional purposes, and may be placed in public access areas, or restricted areas.

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September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Marketing Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Some basic pages (any category may be multiple pages) you may wish to have include in an author/book website include:

  • Bonus content or special features not included in printed book –
    • Forum or Elist about the book content
    • Updated from author
    • Book buyer special offers

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