Electronic Magazine – August, 2014, v13#8: Definitions Monday, Aug 11 2014 

Collating: Pages of a publication are printed singly, the required amount of copies at a time. They are then arranged into the proper sequence (we request numerical order). Alt: Gathering or arranging printed sheets or signatures into the desired sequence, by hand or machine.
Comb Bound: Soft type binding. Your pages and cover are punched and a plastic comb secures the book at the spine. This is a favored cover for cook books and the like because they lay virtually flat on their own.
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November 2012 E-Zine (V11#11): Define Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

Perfect (*adhesive, *notch) Binding/Bound: Soft type binding type that secures pages and cover together with glue at the spine (square backed). Stereotype paperback – think telephone directory or paperback novel.

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May 2004, V3#5: Production Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

Decided on a hard binding?  When working with a new printer or publisher, if the quoted price seems “to good to be true”, it may be.  Double check with the as to why the price is so much lower.  Items that may effect hard binding price include type of binding (oversewn, smythe, case bound, etc.), what optional steps are not included (header/footer bands, rounding, etc.), type of cover stock, thickness of binding boards, etc.

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