May 2015 Magazine – Define Tuesday, May 19 2015 

Flat Back (square back): A book that has not been rounded and backed.

Font Type: The actual type/style of lettering used in an item.

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June 2012 E-Zine (V11#6): Design Wednesday, Jul 18 2012 

Want to give your color hard bound book a bit of elegance? Consider upgrading to a rounded and backed book – rather than a square back. This is now a standard option at GCI.

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October 2002: V1#2: Define Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

Back/Backing: The binding process of dispersing the swelling of the spine of a rounded text block and shaping it into a shoulder on each side of the spine of a text block.  Backing accommodates the thickness of the boards, and provides a hinge along which they can swing freely.  Backing also helps to prevent the spine of the text block from collapsing into a concave shape over time.