May 2015Magazine – Marketing Tuesday, May 19 2015 

If putting together a press kit, realize you should go beyond the traditional: In the 21st Century, we are becoming accustomed to personalized marketing materials and you should consider personalized targeting when possible. At the very least, be sure to include a personalized, personally signed cover or explanation letter with each kit.

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E-Magazine Volume 12 Issue 5: Marketing Thursday, May 2 2013 

Not all free PR is good: What to do about a review that doesn’t truthfully represent the published content? Look long and hard at the item and seek other’s input – is there even a grain of truth to it? Address any facts before moving onto untruths. In print, contact the publisher – any ethical publication will strive for an unbiased product, though reviews are still many times considered opinion. Think positive: This contact may lead to more press that may not have happened without this extra follow up.

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Catalog postage raise in effect Sunday, Feb 3 2013 

As previously mentioned, our standard S&H for catalog orders now reflects USPS’s 2013 price increase: $12.00 for first item and $2.00 each additional to same domestic address.

Special publishing offer through Halloween 2012 Wednesday, Sep 19 2012 

New special offer for publishing customers until October 31, 2012:

Totally FREE

Get placement in Books in Print automatically in any quantity.  We will add a Gregath ISBN to your verso free of charge and take care of the paperwork.  All books that carry Gregath ISBN do need to fill out our ISBN advertising program (no cost to enroll) form, or be listed published but out of print. Offer does not include any cover expenses related to ISBN or bar code fees.

To qualify for this special offer, please do the following:

  • Specifically request this sale (and what free/savings) offer with your manuscript/deposit mailing.

  • Send your manuscript and deposit to arrive at the publisher by 10-31-2012. Excludes any manuscripts already in house or mailed by September 18, 2012.

  • Include a copy of this blog post.

September 2012 E-Zine (V11#9): Marketing Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

Some basic pages (any category may be multiple pages) you may wish to have include in an author/book website include:

  • Bonus content or special features not included in printed book –
    • Forum or Elist about the book content
    • Updated from author
    • Book buyer special offers

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July 2012 E-Zine (V11#7): Marketing Thursday, Jul 19 2012 

If your promotional mailing is in excess of 200 pieces of the same design, sent at the same time to domestic addresses, you may wish to economize with a “bulk” mailing. Clients that publish with us can take advantage of our post-paid mailing permit imprint to send their promotional materials out by standard mail. If the mailing is large enough, first class mail is also an option at permit discount. Contact us for more information.

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August 2004, V3#8: Marketing Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

Consider advertising “novelties” as an alternate form of marketing.  Are you going to a reunion or large genealogy workshop?  Have a shirt made up that advertise your project or start conversations.  Pen and pencils may also be a way to sell by starting conversations, as might a number of other items.

March 2004, V3#3: Marketing Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

If looking toward international advertising/circulation, consider providing inside and outside US information.

March 2003, V2#3: Marketing Friday, Jan 9 2009 

Paid Advertising

Some newspapers may still have “personal” columns which are usually widely read.  Sunday editions are the most popular.  They are usually sold on a “per word” basis and are more reasonable than the display type advertising.  Depending on the type of book you publish, this can be an effective avenue.