Current Publishing Sale – until June 15, 2015 Only Saturday, Jun 6 2015 

Title Set Up Fee Special – $25.00 Value

If publishing in quantity, the flat title set up fee, applied to all orders, doesn’t alter overall costs that much. However with today’s ultra small publishing, it can add up to $25.00 or more per book. With this special, wave the set up fee for projects:

  • Binding in any soft cover, at any quantity.
  • Printing-only projects – unbound book blocks shipped or delivered – in any quantity.
  • Binding at least 25 books in hard cover – color or standard.

Visit current price lists for more information.

To qualify for this special offer, you must do the following:

  • Specifically request this offer with your order/payment mailing.
  • Send your manuscript, mailing information, and payment to arrive at the publisher before June 15, 2015.
  • Include a copy of the “page one” (first page off the printer, the entire printout of this web page is not needed).

June 2015 Magazine – Genealogy & Computer Saturday, Jun 6 2015 

Did you know the Arkansas Genealogical Society has free, proprietary database information in PDF online at

June 2015 Magazine – Marketing Saturday, Jun 6 2015 

When producing press releases, here are more suggestions:

  • Don’t hesitate to include a headline  (1 line – the essence about your topic and not include author’s name)
  • 2-3 line summary of topic early in the piece
  • Consider formatting with “talking points”.

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June 2015 Magazine – Production Saturday, Jun 6 2015 

Logic dictates that books with a paper (soft) cover, will not last as long as books with a hard cover.

June 2015 Magazine – Design Saturday, Jun 6 2015 

Will you make an electronic edition available as well as printed books? Consider your formats in each to decide if one manuscript can be used without modification or by adding functionality to the electronic edition. Sometimes dual manuscripts for dual format editions are best.

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June 2015 Magazine – Define Saturday, Jun 6 2015 

Footband/Headband (also header/footer or head/tail in binding): A strip of embroidered cloth at the end (top/bottom) of the spine, extending beyond the book block. Optional ALA element included in Gregath deluxe binding.

*Fore Edge (or Margin)

Terms marked with an asterisk (*) are not generally used in our office.

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