Electronic Magazine – November 2014 v13#11: Marketing Monday, Nov 3 2014 

As family historians, most authors have a list of public (or private) repositories that they would like to see their work preserved in. Many times this list equals or dwarfs the list of “paying customers”. Many times budget will impact how many courtesy copies may even be produced: Consider soliciting sponsored copies. With POD, there is no reason a special “donated by” page can not be included directly into the book binding. A more traditional route would be with personalized donation book plates. Further incentives, beyond the good preservation work, might include a gift, digital copies of source material, special access to your archives, etc.

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Electronic Magazine – November 2014 v13#11: Genealogy Monday, Nov 3 2014 

Were you a Master Genealogist user? Still trying to decide what to do next? RootsMagic reports that they have the most complete TMG import available anywhere and have prepared a guide that might be helpful.

Electronic Magazine – November 2014 v13#11: Computers Monday, Nov 3 2014 

Needing to migrate templates from older systems? One work-around is to open each and save a “blank copy” as a file, then open that file in the updates system and save as template once more.

Electronic Magazine – October 2014 v13#10: Computers Monday, Nov 3 2014 

Did you know that any file you currently use (and reuse) in an Microsoft Office program may potentially be saved as a template? Choose File, Save As, then click the down button to the right of the 2nd pull down menu (file type) in the dialog box that popped up; click template (Word Template, Excel Template, etc.) then set your file name and save. Many create a dedicated file area for high use templates.

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