Writer’s Lingo
ARC (Advanced Reading Copy): A sample publication produced with author/customer submitted material. Many times this is in an alternate binding (or unbound with small publications) than the main publishing. The reproduction process is usually not the same as the main printing (100+) and therefore differences in quality, text block placement, etc. may occur between the ARC and the published book. For POD, however, this gives the customer the chance to see the quality of photograph the supplied material will produce. Since Gregath works mainly from submitted camera ready copy, an ARC is generally not necessary. Our quality guarantee covers any printer error (such as upside down photos) that may occasionally occur.
Art(work): Non-text material (in our shop, this excludes photographs) – may include such things as decorative lettering (not font related), drawings, ornamentation, tables, charts, sketches, maps, reproductions of documents, decorative borders, etc.