When considering a title, the following considerations may also influence your choice:

  • Cover design – on spine (consider space for library labels) and front, how does it fit in the space available and how does it look with the chosen fonts and sizes. If the title is long, or you wish to use a large type, where is the best place to line break for an effect that is pleasing to the eye. If a long title is desired, does the entire title go on the front and spine, or just the “meat” of it?
  • Title page – don’t over clutter when using desired elements. Many of the same considerations for the cover should be looked at.
  • Advertising: Does the title help or hurt the design of promotional pieces, fit into subject lines (email, filing, reference, etc.), forms (print and electronic, book listing and cataloguing (sales and library catalogs, bibliographic references, etc.)?

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