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 Our European Origins, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), 2011 reprint of second edition. 652 pages, 6×9″, hardbound book. the aim of this book is to provide a brief, thumbnail history of the various nationalities of Europe, keeping in mind the particular interests of professional and amateur genealogists and family historians.  To appreciate this aim, the reader must realize that today many ethnic nationalities actually transcend current, established “national” borders and that the people they seek are not always to be found in the country which normally suggests their ethnicity.  For example, the Swiss-German and the Austrian are members of the Germanic race, but they are not to be found living in Germany.  Also, the people of Hungarian origin living in Transylvania do not live in Hungary; instead, today, they are citizens of Romania.  Thus, this history is about the many different peoples of Europe despite current borders. R3806-$80.00 retail
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