A website of your own – part 2

At a bit more cost, you can hand pick your very own web address. This is called a domain and is a separate fee from your ISP page space. An example for the same site found at the above addresses (URL) would be:


Addresses can be important if people are looking for you or your book and don’t remember a lot about it. Even the best efforts to get into search engines are not foolproof. If the decision to purchase the domain, and keep up it’s “rent” is made, you’ll also need to decide on one author domain (generally your name) or a separate domain for each book.

To Recap: A webpage, or web site needs both online space (hosting) for the pages and an address. The address may be provided by your ISP for no additional charge, or you can buy (Annually) a domain of your own for your web page(s).

This section is drawn from http://www.gregathcompany.com/web/