New Reference books from June Tuesday, Jun 29 2010 


Civil War Veterans Buried in the Baxter Springs, Kansas Cemetery, by Earleene Spaulding, June 2010. 122 pages, 8½x11″, softbound book, indexed, includes photographs. AD781-$20.00 
Our Quaker Ancestors Finding Them in Quaker Records, by Ellen Berry and David Berry, 1987. 136 pages, 5½x8½”, softbound book. This book sets out to acquaint the researcher with various types of Quaker records available to researchers, where they are located, along with proper and effective use of those records with guidance through the pyramidal “meeting” structure to vital records of as well as disownment, and removal awaiting the researchers in repositories across the country.  AD787-$20.00

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June E-Zine V9#6: Genealogy & Computer Tuesday, Jun 29 2010 

Don’t ever assume that files produced by applications today will be readable by the same program after several generations of “improvements”. Keeping your digital files up to date is at least as important as organizing your paper files. A bonus to this is that many program upgrades will improve your interaction with your data. Take the upgrades in Adobe Acrobat: By upgrading your file versions, Adobe has made the program able to auto search the files – search engine “indexing”!

June E-Zine V9#6: Marketing Tuesday, Jun 29 2010 

Some basic pages (any category may be multiple pages) you may wish to have include in your author/book website include:

  • Bonus content or special features not included in printed book –
    • Color photos to supplement black and white in book
    • Unpublished photos, documents and artwork/graphics
    • More research
    • Deeper back story

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June E-Zine V9#6: Production Tuesday, Jun 29 2010 

Cover register runs 95-99%. Because of this, many collage type covers designed by authors don’t always come out as desired. We suggest that your background continue throughout all cover elements, leaving approximately .25″ between your outside photos/graphics and the “edge” of the cover. Otherwise, you could end up with important elements folding around the edge of your cover, and/or spilling onto the edge of your spine.
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June E-Zine V9#6: Design Tuesday, Jun 29 2010 

A camera ready hard cover file should include space for 1″ on all four sides (regardless of actual book size), back cover, front cover, and spine allowance. Examples –
5.5×8.5″ with a 1″ spine would be 14×10.5″
6×9″ with a 1″ spine would be 15×11″
8.5×11″ a 1″ spine would be 20×13″
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