Did you realize that the computer/internet and cell phone applications (apps) are becoming another universal way to communicate? If you think it’s a passing fad, or everyone will patiently work around your void of knowledge, you may be in for a rude awakening. If you have given an email address to someone, likely you’ll have correspondence, regardless of if you check it daily, monthly, or yearly. Even if you just “dip your toe in the water”, learn at least some of the basics:

  • All email addresses have an @ in them
  • web sites (address/URL) never have an @ in them
  • some cell phones require dialing a 1 before the area code, others do not, etc.

When you know your tools, they are easier to get comfortable with. Remember, there are still those who choose not to learn to read and write – this isn’t wrong, it just limits one’s effectiveness in the 21st century.