First in new Historical Reprint Series Released Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

The first of many new historical reprints to be published in May has been released for pre-order: 

Leaders and Leading Men of the  Indian Territory – Choctaws, by H. P. O’Beirne, Original Edition 1891, Gregath Historical Reprint 2010. 8.5×11″, softbound book, 228 pages, new name/place index, illustrated. This work was originally printed as part of a Choctaw and Chickasaw volume in a smaller size format. This new edition contains the original pages, digitally modified for the larger book size and readability. The original pages run in numerical sequence in this reprint, rather then the original out of order sequence found in the original printing and at least one subsequent reprint. ISBN: 978-0-944619-98-8. G088-$20.00



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Out of the office Friday Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

Our front offices will be closed Friday, April 23, 2010. Visit us Saturday for the TGS Conference at Topeka, KS, or find one of our staffers in attendance at Conestoga in Tulsa, OK.

Two new book titles and special offers Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

Two brand new books to be published in the next two months have been released for pre-order:

The Dawes Commission Citizens (Allottee) and Intruders in Indian Territory (1901 – 1909), by John E. Ernest, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-944619-97-1, 8.5×11″, color hardbound book, 800 pages. An index of more than 17,000 persons whose names appear in the more than 6000 Cases (hearings) brought before the Dawes Commission to settle disputes between the Allottees and Intruders. Includes an analysis of each of the 6000 hearings and the action taken by the Commission to settle disputes between the Allottees and Intruders regarding leased or rented allotments. R506-$85.00

The Beauty of DeMents, A Collection of Family Treasures and McInnis/McDuffie/McDonald of Skye Scotland, “A Family Exiled”, by Don Runnels, 2010. 294 pages, 8.5×11″, hardbound book. AD413-$55.00

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