Qustion: The space I have for information in my manuscript is OK, it just is too narrow for the information layout I want to use – what next?

Answer: Consider changing the text alignment from portrait to landscape for the wide information in question. There are many ways to do this, but if you have the information already typed, the quickest may be placing it into a “table”. In MS Word (may vary according to version): Highlight material from “table” pull down menu, hover over “insert”, slide right and click “table” change text alignment: In each box, right click – from shortcut menu click “text direction”, click preferred “orientation”, click OK and repeat as necessary If you don’t like the table showing, highlight it, click “format” pull down menu, then click “borders & shading”, click “none” then OK. Any resulting gray lines are only on your computer screen – they will not print out. If this is needed throughout the book, change the book from portrait to landscape through File-Page Setup. –

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