Soft binding spotlight #3

Tape and Staple (*side stitch): Soft type binding where your pages may be stitched or “stapled” down the spine and the edges covered in tape. Click here for more information.

Side Sewing: Method of attaching *signatures or individual pages together by sewing the entire text block, along the binding margin, in a single pass by machine. Meets library binding standard: ANSI/NISO/LIB Z39.78.

Three Hole Punch (loose-leaf binding/drilling): Soft type binding. Pages are three hole punched to be placed in three ring or notebook binders. Click here for more information.

Chicago Screw (brand name)/Post Bound: Soft type binding. Pages and cover stock are three hole punched and plastic or metal screws (posts)  are inserted to fasten the book.  Click here for more information.

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