Soft binding spotlight #1

Softbound (soft back, soft cover, paper back): Books are secured at the spine – all pages and a cover (index, cover stock, plastic coated, etc.). A few of the types we offer are Chicago screw, coil, comb, perfect, saddle, three-hole, velobind and wire (spiral) binding.

Adhesive binding: Soft or hard type binding. Pages held together by adhesive/glue, rather than any form or sewing or mechanical attachment (stapled).

Cover: The outer part of any book. Covers are generally labeled as hard or soft. Type of cover effects types of bindings possible.

*Head: The top, specifically the edge, of the book.

Mechanical binding: Soft or hard type binding. Bindings utilizing wires, staples, or plastic.

* denotes a term that Gregath Publishing doesn’t normally use.