December 2009: V8#12: Genealogy Monday, Dec 21 2009 

What better way to network on a personal and professional level, than to spread your information through lecturing. Among other groups and services speakers from Middle America may choose to look into Mid-America Speakers – now located at

December 2009: V8#12: Marketing Monday, Dec 21 2009 

Network online! Have you considered that many “social networking” sites, such as Facebook have calendars and classifieds that share your events or items to sell with others:

December 2009: V8#12: Design Monday, Dec 21 2009 

General E-Book Advantages

  • Most e-book reading software have the option of the software reading the file. This makes the electronic book also an audio book.
  • The average data storage device (be it a computer, PDA, dedicated book reader, memory card/stick, or USB drive) can hold several books in vary little space.
  • Electronic books on your “e-shelf” are easy to pull up – no scanning your library shelf, sorting through stacks, or digging in packing boxes to find the book you want.
  • E-books are easy and lightweight to carry. Today’s readers can carry an entire library – to the corner store, on vacation, or on research trips.

December 2009: V8#12: Define Monday, Dec 21 2009 

Soft binding spotlight #1

Softbound (soft back, soft cover, paper back): Books are secured at the spine – all pages and a cover (index, cover stock, plastic coated, etc.). A few of the types we offer are Chicago screw, coil, comb, perfect, saddle, three-hole, velobind and wire (spiral) binding.

Adhesive binding: Soft or hard type binding. Pages held together by adhesive/glue, rather than any form or sewing or mechanical attachment (stapled).

Cover: The outer part of any book. Covers are generally labeled as hard or soft. Type of cover effects types of bindings possible.

*Head: The top, specifically the edge, of the book.

Mechanical binding: Soft or hard type binding. Bindings utilizing wires, staples, or plastic.

* denotes a term that Gregath Publishing doesn’t normally use.

Inc. in 2010 Monday, Dec 21 2009 

To better serve all of our customers, The Gregath Publishing Company/Timbercreek Limited is reorganizing in 2010. We will still be the same quality family business. Still a business where you come first, served by the Cook/Gregath family at the core. Starting in January, we will become Gregath Company, Incorporated. If you are currently a client or supplier and need further information, please contact us.

Catalog Shopping Cart Changes Monday, Dec 21 2009 

 Our catalog shopping cart has been growing with us. Unfortunately, due to improvements made to the PayPal system over the years, this has caused a S&H glitch in many of our links. To remedy this situation, we plan to remove all shopping cart links by early February 2010. This will be for a total restart of the system. We hope to have it all updated by March. Please bear with us and know that you can order books directly via paypal to our email address at any time: Log in to your PayPal account and choose send money, type in our address, fill out payment amount, click goods, don’t forget in the message to include what payment is for.

Thank you for your patience was we update and upgrade!