New sale on older title – nearly 50% off: AD2037-$40.0 (Retail $79.95) The Genealogy of Thomas Barnes of Hartford, Connecticut (1615-2001) Volumes 1 & 2, by Frederic Wayne Barnes and Edna Cleo (Bauer) Barnes.  8½x11″, hardbound book set, 1,111+ pages, contains index, sources, biographical notes as well as vital records.  Index includes years of birth and death. This two volume set includes data on 8,591 descendants as well as the spouses and many parents of one of the forty (40) first settlers, Thomas Barnes of Hartford, CT.  The set covers fourteen (14) generations.  some allied surnames frequently appearing in this work include Andrews, Bronson, Coburn, Dickinson, Foote, Root, Scoville, Strong, Thompson, Tuttle, Woodruff and more.

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