Do you find yourself typing (or modifying) the same kind of letter over and over? Reduce the chance of mix ups through cut and paste or saving over old file copies by making a template. In many Windows based programs it is fairly simple. Make the “cookie cutter” basis that you will be using over and over again. This even works well for non raised letterhead! Next, choose “save as”. When you have the save as dialog box up, go to the bottom boxes and click the down arrow (right side) for the file type. From the pull down list that just came up, choose template, or .tmp, check the file name (change it if you want), then OK. Now, next time you want to use the text, click the “file” pull down menu and choose new. Selections may come up on the right side of your screen, or you will get a box that allows you to choose from templates. Choose the template and off you go! When you open a template, modify it and are ready to save, it automatically assumes you are not modifying the template, but producing a file in the default format – such as .doc for Word.