May 2006, V5#5: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Fastback Binding: Soft type binding. Similar to perfect binding method – cover consists of separate front and back covers with a reinforced cloth spine.

Finish: Term that describes the surface characteristic of a particular paper.  i.e. antique, cockle, eggshell, embossed, English, felt, leatherette, linen, machine, pebble, vellum, wove, etc.

April 2006, V5#4: Marketing Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

One marketing options that will add too much to the cost of a book or periodical may include: Consider adding a loose purchase/renewal form to (renewal) issue – use colored paper for “pop”.

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April 2006, V5#4: Design Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Lower cost alternative to custom printed end sheets:

  • Stock marble end sheets – though a slightly higher cost than standard natural end sheets, add a degree of elegance.

April 2006, V5#4: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Text Block: The pages/leaves of a book after they have been bound together. A group of printed or written pages that may be or have been bound, excluding all paper to be added by the bookbinder such as the endpapers, etc.

Book Block: Endpapers, text block and all other materials before hard or soft binding.

March 2006, V5#3: Production Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

There are those who like the ascetic look of a finished side stitch (tape and staple) book.  For those, we now also offer, upon request, the fastback cloth tape method to eliminate the acidity/rust factor of the wire stitch through the years.

March 2006, V5#3: Design Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

 Lower cost alternative to custom printed end sheets:

  • Contrasting end sheets (maroon cover, mauve end sheets)

March 2006, V5#3: Define Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

ISBN: International Standard Book Number – assigned by various agencies world wide.  A unique 10 (old) or 13 (new) digit number, used for inventory control by many book sellers.  The assignment of this number also places the title in “Books in Print”.

Flat Back (square back): A book that has not been rounded and backed.

February 2006, V5#2: Marketing Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Visit Book Promotion Newsletter Archives for lots of suggestions, case studies, etc. (delivered e-publication is by paid subscription, but online archives are FREE)

February 2006, V5#2: Production Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Among the various types of soft bindings, material placed in a three ring binder is considered softbound. Some might consider it hard binding however, due to it’s low durability, it is generally considered soft binding.

February 2006, V5#2: Design Thursday, Jan 29 2009 

Pep up your end papers: Lower cost alternative to custom printed end sheets:

  • Matching end sheets (blue cover, blue end sheets, etc.)

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